Funky Time Live Casino Show by Evolution

Funky Time Live is a brand-new game show created by the undisputed industry leader, Evolution. Funky Time stands a good chance to put competitive pressure on other live shows and become an epic game one day due to the many unique features the developer built into it, with wide use of augmented reality being just the tip of the iceberg. Players joining the live show will be surprised to see a variety of bet options and a snazzy studio with eye-catching details, disco balls, and coloured mirror floor piles. Evolution’s Funky Time has a wide betting range catering to casual gamblers and high rollers alike. For a kickoff, here is a quick fact: Funky Time is the first live game show ever to be using an all-digital money wheel. Read our comprehensive review to find out more.

  • funky time game interface
  • funky time game interface
  • funky time game interface
  • funky time game interface
  • funky time game interface

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Funky Time studio and dealers

Contemporary, eclectic, high-tech, and radiant. These are just a few epithets to describe the Funky Time game studio. It mixes the styles of different times: American pubs of the 60s (entrance to the Disco bonus), neon light frames of the 80s, and the bang up-to-date money wheel capturing everyone’s eyes with its high-end vibes.

Dealers do not wear branded uniforms. Instead, they have cute, stylish, bold outfits (gowns, tuxedos, etc.) with sparkly, golden accessories. The presenters take turns around every thirty minutes. They wear a golden mic, adding glamour to the already glamorous ambience.

Digiwheel technology in Funky Time

Live shows are not a new phenomenon in the gambling market. They are packed full of technology and innovations in many spheres: video streaming, augmented reality, special effects, and so on. However, live shows used to apply an ordinary wheel of fortune made of wood, plastic, and whatnot. Importantly, the front side facing the players was very common: It featured a still pie-like picture with figures, letters, and other things.

But everything changed with DigiWheel and Funky Time Evolution. In layman’s terms, a DigiWheel is a rotating 2-meter circular screen that shows the wheel and other digital media in HD television quality. Instead of watching still images, players can see interactive content: random multipliers and other animated things. Implementing the virtual wheel concept in the live show, Evolution got ahead of the curve and presented something unique to the gambling community. Interestingly, the Funky Time wheel features 64 segments instead of the expected 54.

User interface and game design

As with other live games from Evolution, Funky Time uses a streamlined and intuitive interface that will be easy to navigate even for a novice. Pay attention to the settings bar at the top right corner. It consists of the following buttons:

Button Description
Chat Hiding and showing the chat window. The chat is disabled by default.
Switch View Tapping the button will collapse the active window and make it very small. All elements of the game will change their position and appearance, e.g. the Stats area will enlarge to show 72 latest results. Similarly, the betting area will become larger. This mode is ideal in case of a poor internet connection.
Sound Enabling/disabling sound, adjusting volume.
Settings Here, players can turn on/off players’ messages without affecting notifications from game moderators. You can also pick your game alias (not longer than 20 letters). There are also a few video and sound settings in this area.
Game History Open this feature if you want to track your entire bet history across all games from Evolution you’ve ever played. The section shows the date and time of your betting, the bet size, and win/lose amounts. This tool is useful if the player wants to control their betting activity and the amount of money ever won/lost.
How to Play Tapping it opens a detailed guidebook on how to play Funky Time. It shows rules, descriptions of bonus features, user interface buttons, payouts, and many other aspects that a player is encouraged to know before playing the live show for real money.
Full Screen Enlarges the screen similar to clicking F11.

Video settings

As with other live shows, Funky Time is pretty demanding to the internet bandwidth. If your connection is not stable, the video feed will freeze up, get stuck, and experience other issues. Evolution has an efficient video settings tool that works automatically, switching to a lower resolution in case poor internet is detected. If you do not want your Funky Time casino to adjust the feed quality, uncheck “Auto Adjust” in Settings. A player can also pick between HD+, HD, High, and Medium.

Live chat

The live chat serves an obvious purpose: players talk to each other and address themselves to the presenter. The chat is moderated, so any insulting messages are deleted, and the abuser is banned from the chat. Besides, this tool is also used to inform players of the recent results of bonus rounds, the best results of the day, and other Funky Time stats. Moderators regularly post information of this kind: “Last Disco was 71x”, “Last VIP Disco was 162x” or “The highest win today was 400x on SA (orange) at 09:13 UTC”.

You should tap the Settings button, open General, and uncheck “Hide other players chat” to enable the feature. Moreover, tapping a Chat icon at the top right will open the main chatbox to the right-hand side of the wheel. However, its location is unfavourable as it overlaps the right side of the wheel partially and other elements of the studio. Important: only bettors are allowed to send messages.

Funky Time stats

Game providers unwillingly share their statistical data that cuts across hundreds of spins. Everyone knows that the results of the next round are not determined by the previous rounds, so one cannot predict correctly any following spin. Nevertheless, watching the history of spins for the last few hours or days helps some seasoned players see trends and patterns, however unreliable they are.

Funky Time stats are not deep. They span 24 last rounds in a collapsed format and twice as much if you expand the feature. Some third-party Funky Time trackers provide a broader reach and penetration, with thousands of spins taken into account.

Funky Time rules and objectives

So, what the game is all about? In Funky Time (Evolution Gaming), your goal is to predict on which sector the wheel will stop at the end of the round. You have about 15 seconds to select a bet amount and pick your preferred bet option. At the bottom are six chip denominations: $0.01, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, and $20. If you have already made a bet, that chip size will be selected by default. Next to the chips, you can see the Double and Undo buttons, which are self-explanatory.

Bet limits

Like many other live shows from Evolution, Funky Time has a minimum bet size of $0.10. If your currency is other than USD, the minimum bet size can be different, but anyway, it will be equal to 10 cents. The maximum amount accepted by the game differs across Funky Time casinos. When creating this review, we visited a few casinos and noticed that the top bet can be $2500, $5000, and even $10,000.

It is not improbable that other casinos have other max caps. Evolution has flexible policies regarding this value, allowing casino operators to change it within certain limitations. For the purpose of this review, we will proceed from the premise that the max limit is $5000. Apart from that, each bet option has its own unique limit:

If you try to place a bet with insufficient funds on your account, you will see the “Balance too low” message. When the wheel is spinning, betting is impossible. The chips are greyed out, becoming inactive, and you will see “Wait for next game” near the chips.

Bet options in Funky Time Live

Game shows which are based on the Wheel of Fortune tend to be simpler than Funky Time (without factoring in some of Playtech’s game shows, which are really super cool and ingenious). Let’s take, for example, Dream Catcher, with only basic gameplay and a few bet options, all numbers. The reviewed live game show is way more profound with respect to betting choices.

The wheel has 64 segments. Many of them are occupied by number 1. Besides, you will see a mix of letters on some parts of the wheel, which make up the phrase “PLAY FUNK TIME”, so there are 12 unique labels in addition to number 1. And finally, there are four bonuses, i.e. four unique sections on the wheel, corresponding to these bonuses. The breakdown of all segments is listed in the table below. Pay attention to column 3, showing the winning odds.

Bet spot No of segments Winning odds (True odds)
Number 1 28 43.75%
Any letter 2 (x12) 3.13% (37.5%)
Stayin’ Alive 2 3.13%
Bar 6 9.38%
Disco 3 4.69%
VIP Disco 1 1.56%

For players’ convenience, the UI has two auxiliary buttons:

Random multipliers

Without multipliers in place, the Funky Time game RTP would have been much lower. Just compare the two figures: the odds for winning number 1 are 28:36, but the payout is 36:36, so the house edge here is 12.5%. However, random multipliers boost the RTP for the “1” segment to 96%.

This is how multipliers work: At the beginning of every spin and after all players place their bets, a multi-coloured disco ball at the centre of the wheel begins to pour multipliers through light rays. It takes multipliers about five seconds to be assigned to random segments on the wheel. The quantity and value of multipliers differ widely per round. While creating this review, we saw at least three and up to 15 multipliers. Their size is about x2 to x6 each in most rounds, but larger multipliers (x20 to x50) sometimes appear.

When the wheel stops at a segment featuring an additional random multiplier, the payout will be multiplied by that multiplier. For example, a standard 1:1 award for Number 1 will be three times as much if the multiplier x3 falls on the segment the flapper will point to when the wheel finally stops.

Funky Time payouts

Like many other live shows from Evolution, the Funky Time Live casino game has a general maximum win limit of $500,000. This amount looks gigantic and unreachable, but the live show gives a tiny chance of hitting it if the stars align. Besides, every bet option and bonus feature has individual payouts and max limits. View the list below to find out more:

So if you bet $2 on “1” and the winning segment is “1”, you will get $4 ($2 as a win + $2 your ante). If you bet $2 and enter a bonus feature, your ultimate reward will depend on the gameplay inside that bonus game, but whatever the case, you will end up with a cash prize.

Bonus rounds in Evolution Gaming Funky Time

Bonus games can produce totally unpredictable results. You can win x5 or x1000 there. That is why players are so excited when the flapper finds its resting position on any bonus label of the wheel.

Important note: Only the players who have placed a bet on the bonus spot before the round starts are entitled to participate in that bonus once it lands in that round. Players who have not made a wager on one or another bonus will just watch the bonus gameplay without taking part and receiving any cash prizes.

The live show features four bonuses. Their hit frequency is given in the table above. Notably, by clicking “All Bonuses” in your UI betting area, you spend four monetary units at once but increase your chance of landing any of the four bonuses to 18.76%. In other words, almost every fifth rotation leads to a mini-game.

Bar bonus

This is the most frequent bonus round in Evolution Gaming Funky Time, but it typically provides low to medium profits. If you play the live show for 10-15 minutes, you will certainly see this bonus feature in action. Once the bonus gets underway, the presenter enters the “Bar“ part of the studio, featuring a retro-style bar counter with a robot bartender. The presenter rings a desk bell and asks the bartender to mix her a drink.

There are three glasses on the counter, and each participating player has about 6-8 seconds to pick one of three glasses. If a player fails to make a pick within that time, the game picks a glass randomly. The robot starts to pour a drink into each glass, and a few seconds later, each will be assigned a random multiplier of x2 to x20. After that, the robot rotates its head at 180 degrees to reveal a one-reel slot at what is the back of the robot’s head.

The reel begins spinning and shows an extra multiplier of x2 to x5 to be then applied to a random glass as its garnish. This means the highest theoretical win in the Bar bonus is x100 unless the main game’s multiplier is applied, in which case the greatest prize reaches x5000 (though its chances are close to zilch).

Stayin’ Alive bonus

This Funky Time Live bonus features a ball-drawing machine, and its logic is similar to the one implemented in Cash Or Crash. Once inside the game, you will see a massive ball-drawing device of transparent plastic. The cylinder contains 80 balls of four colours: Black, Orange, Pink, and Green.

Above the machine, there is a multiplier paytable divided into three columns relevant to the ball colours, except for Black. Each of the three paytables consists of a list of multipliers, from the highest (x1000) at the top to the lowest at the bottom (x5). If a random multiplier lands on that segment in the main game, it is applied before the round starts. There are many youtube videos showing huge multipliers on the paytables, so this is not a rare situation.

At the beginning of the round, each player must pick a team, Orange, Pink or Green. The game starts at the lowest tier (x5), with all players having four lives. The feature has three types of balls:

The bonus ends when the lives counter gets to zero. The winnings are paid out per the multiplier tier of your selected colour. The bonus game is capped at x10,000. Funky Time stats reveal that an average win in this bonus is x10 to x200.

Disco bonus

This is the most spectacular bonus feature in the live show due to the wide use of augmented reality that brings interactivity and engagement in Funky Time live casinos, merging the real world with the virtual one. Once the bonus launches, the host goes to the “Disco” door, enters a virtual dance floor, and proceeds to a DJ rack.

The dance floor has 37 tiles, and the game begins from the central tile, on which Mr Funky stands. The presenter, standing at the DJ booth, initiates a mini wheel looking like a vinyl record and featuring eight sectors that show directions: left, right, up, and down—two of each kind. Mr Funky makes one step in the direction commanded by the DJ, reaping a prize, if any.

There are four outcomes of each move. Mr Funky

As the case is with the Bar bonus, the max win is x10,000. But in real-world contexts, this is hardly attainable.

VIP Disco bonus

This seems to be one of the most lucrative and rarely-hit bonus features in Funky Time Live. It is played in the same way as a normal Disco bonus, except that the dance floor has 63 squares, and the multipliers are higher. In fact, the multipliers on the central part are x1, so players will only win a little here. But those approaching the edge are really huge, at x10, x20, x30, and x100.

Funky Time RTP

It does not come as a surprise that every bet option has a unique RTP stemming from many factors. This implies betting on some options is more beneficial in the long run. An RTP value shows a theoretical return from a long-term perspective. This value does not correlate with true odds, meaning that any spot can rarely land (e.g. having low true odds) but has a huge player edge.

Bet spot RTP
Number 1 95.99%
Any letter 95.49%
Stayin’ Alive 95.49%
Bar 95.98%
Disco 95.51%
VIP Disco 95.38%

Calculating Funky Time return

An RTP value is normally calculated on the basis of true odds and payouts. But this is true for the bets that deliver an instant win, e.g. number 1 and the letters. As for bonuses, their payout occurs on completion of the mini-game. Let’s calculate the house edge on any letter using the formula below:

(Odds against winning - house payout) x probability of winning x 100%

(62/2 - 25/1) x 2/64 x 100% = 18.75%

The resulting house edge would seem huge and unacceptable in normal conditions. If it had a 30:1 payout, the house edge would be 3.125%, which is pretty good. However, the official house edge is 4.51% for any letter, as is expressly stated in the Funky Time game rules.

What does the difference come from? Astute readers might have already guessed that the low house edge is due to random multipliers that strike different bet spots and increase the default payouts by at least x2, thus leveraging your previous losses to some extent.

Best winning strategies in Live Funky Time

It stands to reason that a house edge is unbeatable. However, this statement is true over a long-term horizon. If you have a $100 bankroll and want to play for a few hours after a working time ends, you will likely finish your day with a hefty win. This is because RTP values do not work for short sessions. Many betting strategies aim to prevent players from bad bets and offer patterns that can pay off.

Betting on numbers only

This is the simplest low-risk tactic that can loosely be compared to making even-money bets in roulette. However, with the true odds of less than 44% and a 1:1 payout, this option is not as brilliant as it may seem. On the other hand, you still have a chance to land on a random multiplier and occasionally earn more than you’d expect.

Betting on letters only

Clicking All Letters is also a good bet featuring the 37.5% winning odds. This is a collective bet consisting of 12 individual bets, and hitting any letter awards x25 your initial bet.

Betting on bonuses only

Any bonus lands on average every five spins, so picking the All Bonuses bet option is a good idea. With this bet, you will be spending four monetary units in a go (min 40 cents). Only two bonuses can bring you hefty wins: VIP Disco and Stayin’ Alive, while the remaining two are less profitable. Be careful with this strategy, as you can go broke while experiencing a losing streak.

Betting on bonuses + numbers

This is a well-targeted strategy with a theoretical hit frequency of 62.5%. Consider betting five coins on “1” and one coin on each of the bonuses (totalling four). The chances of hitting “1” are way higher, and if this occurs, you will win five but lose four coins, with a net profit of one coin. However, you will lose nine coins at once if the flapper ends up on a letter. Risks associated with this strategy are medium (above medium).

Joining another Evolution table

Players can add diversity to their live game experience by joining another table while still playing the Funky Time Evolution live show. This is possible thanks to the “+ Table” button found at the bottom. All you have to do is tap it. This will split the screen into two. The left window will show an active Funky Time game, while the right window has Evolution’s lobby that you can surf to find any live game you want.

On picking your desired live game, just tap on it to make it run on the right screen. This way, you will be playing two games at a time. Moreover, you can also load three or four Evolution games simultaneously. Certainly, this feature will not suit everyone since a player will have to hop from one game to another, distracting their attention, which can result in mistakes.

Alternative live shows in Funky Time casinos

In this section, you will take a look at other live game shows that are built on the money wheel concept. Though Evolution is widely regarded as a leading company in the live game niche, Playtech and a couple of other companies also deliver top-notch live game shows. Below, you will see the most popular games where a giant spinning wheel is the focal point of the gameplay.

Crazy Time

This is apparently the most played live show from Evolution, visited by over 10,000 active bettors concurrently. The live show has the bet limits as Funky Time, and it also offers four bonus rounds—each is better than the last. Players will definitely appreciate the Pachinko bonus, where a puck slides down into one of many multiplier pockets at the bottom, and especially the Crazy Time bonus with a 108-segment wheel full of hefty multipliers. The max win is also capped at $500,000, and the live show’s RTP is about 96%.

Dream Catcher

The game was the first live show by Evolution to use a wheel of fortune. It appeared in 2017, but its popularity is still undiminished, considering brand-new live shows with advanced bonus features. Anyway, the game offers a classic entertainment value. It has six number sectors (1 to 40) and two multipliers (x2 and x7), and contrary to Live Funky Time, the Dream Catcher wheel is divided into 54 segments. The highest RTP is for the “10” bet, at 96.65%. Winnings cannot be higher than x20,000 bet.

Monopoly Live

A superb live show with one bonus game that looks like an HD animated cartoon. Mr Monopoly will help you buy properties if you are lucky enough to land a “Rolls” segment on the wheel. The 3D board in Monopoly Live looks fantastic, replicating a well-known table game. Though the wheel features only four regular, non-bonus segments (1, 2, 5, 10), it also has a Chance section that awards a bonus multiplier or random cash. The max limits on the two bonus spots are $1000 and $2000.

Spin A Win

One of the most popular live shows by Playtech, Spin A Win looks much like Evolution’s Dream Catcher because both have the same number segments (1 to 40) and two multipliers. However, Spin A Win stands out due to three unique side bets (Odd, Even, and Multiplier) that mix up the game and allow one to hedge the risks. If you get two or more multipliers subsequently, their values will be multiplied, giving your bankroll a perfect boost. Bonus-wise, Funky Time Live seems to be more advanced than Playtech’s title.

Final thoughts

Funky Time Live Show (Evolution) is an exhilarating entertainment experience that combines elements of game shows, interactive technology, and engaging hosts. Set in a dynamic studio environment, the show invites players to engage in a series of thrilling games that offer chances to win prizes of up to $500,000. With a blend of luck and strategy, players immerse themselves in bonus games like Disco, VIP Disco, Bar, and Stayin’ Alive. The live show is driven by its energetic hosts, who interact with the players, creating an engaging atmosphere. Funky Time live show by Evolution offers a fast-paced and unpredictable journey, where participants can experience the excitement of a live game show while aiming for big rewards. The integration of cutting-edge technology and interactive gameplay makes this show a captivating and unique entertainment spectacle.


  • What is Funky Time by Evolution?

    Funky Time is an innovative live show developed by Evolution. It's a game of chance that combines elements of traditional casino games with a lively and entertaining game show format. Funky Time stands out due to its dynamic gameplay and interactive features. It includes engaging bonus rounds, multipliers, and a charismatic host
  • How do you play Funky Time?

    Players place bets on various segments of the spinning money wheel. If the wheel stops on a segment where you've placed a bet, you win according to the segment's payout odds.
  • How much can I bet in Funky Time?

    The bet ranges between 10 cents and $5000, though some live casinos can offer different max limits, e.g. $2500 or $10,000.
  • Does Funky Time have bonus rounds?

    Absolutely. The bonus rounds are a highlight of Funky Time. They add excitement and variety, offering players the chance to win larger prizes through interactive mini-games. You can land Stayin’ Alive, Disco, VIP Disco, and Bar bonus games.
  • Is Funky Time a fair game?

    Yes, Funky Time is developed by Evolution, a reputable provider known for its commitment to fair and transparent gaming. The game's outcomes are determined by a certified random number generator, ensuring fairness.
  • Can I play Funky Time on mobile devices?

    Yes, Evolution optimises its games, including Funky Time, for mobile play. You can enjoy the same high-quality graphics and gameplay on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Are there any strategies that can help win at Funky Time?

    As with all casino games, Funky Time outcomes are based on chance, so there's no foolproof strategy. It's best to play responsibly, set limits, and focus on the entertainment value rather than relying on a specific winning strategy.